Meet Priscilla!

Priscilla Sheehan


Hi! I'm born and raised in Maryland, live in the Annapolis area with my husband and my puppyson ShawBaby. I am a creative at heart, having a passion for hair since I can remember and loving pens and paper as far as my middle school days. However, calligraphy became apart of my life while I was planning my own wedding when I found a passion for stationery and nibs! I started my business because I wanted a resource for brides that would help bring their visions to life based on not only who they are, but also their love story, their dreams and design aesthetics for their event.

If you're a girl that loves to collect notebooks and pens (rewrites your todo lists over just to cross off completed tasks more than once), who also enjoys: beach days, exercising, decorating, brunching, spending time with family, traveling, baking, and many many more, I think we may have just become best friends!

wife to a firefighter | dogmom to a 20lb yorkie (yes I thought he was going to be a 5lb purse dog) | senior cosmetologist is my other gig | love traveling but more than 3 days away and I'm homesick | great dancer after a couple adult beverages | loves christmas time | the beach is my sanctuary | loves all things chocolate