How It Works

1 consult

 A conversation between you and I regarding the vision of your event and your design ideas.

2 collaborate

Once I have narrowed down your vision and design ideas, I will put together a detailed proposal.

3 proposal

If you agree with proposal, you sign the contract and pay the 50% retainer fee.

4 sketch

I take it back to basics! I pencil out on paper a few different sketches, that way you can visually see different layouts. This helps us determine what you love and what you don't care for.

5 design

I will take your favorite sketch; working with overall lay out, wording & calligraphy to design your pieces. Here we will go through the proofing process.

6 contract

Once I have your signature approving final design, your order gets sent to print.

7 assemble

Following print, I address your envelopes, stuff and stamp your envelopes. Printing, addressing, and assembly usually takes four to six weeks.

8 shipment

Your pieces will be shipped after final payment is received and your contract has a zero balance.